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OpenFLIXR Online Update 1.7.0 (Wednesday, September 20, 2017)

Released online update 1.0.5

  • Update Ubooquity to 1.10.1
  • Fix Ubooquity out of memory with large collections
  • Fix trusted root certificates
  • Fix sub-zero not working in Plex
  • Fix landing page offline message


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    Released online update 1.0.6

    • Plex Media Server machine ID was cloned

    After the fix, should you already had setup Plex Media Server in OpenFLIXR, all you have to do is go to:
    http://IPADDRESS:32400/web/ and go accept the Terms of Use and login to your Plex account.

    When you previously shared libraries with friends, yu have to share them again because of the new ID.

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    Released online update 1.0.8

    • Security updates
    • Performance updates
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    Released online update 1.1.1

    • Enhanced privacy (internet facing servers)
    • Even better performance
    • Added ability to manually update Plex Media Server
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    Released online update 1.1.3

    • Set your own ubooquity admin password (/comics/admin , default pass = openflixr. No security issue as this virtual dir is protected)
    • Improved SSLlabs score with zero drawbacks and improved security
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    Released online update 1.1.7

    • Improved HTTP/2 performance
    • Local caching DNS resolver (you can’t select your own DNS servers from now on, Google’s are used as they are extremely fast)
    • Cache landing page better
    • Fixed Plexrequest Sickrage/Sonarr where they were both activated resulting in not functioning for people that already went through the web wizard.
      You will find both sonarr and sickrage de-activated in plexrequest after this patch with a placeholder API key so you should (re)enable one of them yourself and enter correct info.
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    Released online update 1.2.5

    • Performance improvements - again!
    • Netdata 1 day history instead of 1 hour, memory optimisations
    • Preperation for filebot integration with “groovy” scripts
    • Additional sub-zero update fix
    • Landing page improvements (bugs, layout, mobile devices (except phones yet), sys stats)
    • Fix weekly update script where a few scripts wouldn’t be executed
    • NZBhydra added, lightweight meta search for NZB indexers (Like Jackett for Usenet). Uses port 5075 if you want to add it to server monitor (/nzbhydra , config, reverse proxy, auto-updated, monit)
    • More monit checks added
    • MySQL could hang at shutdown for 5 minutes, fixed
    • Added in /opt/openflixr which you can use for your own startup scripts when needed.
    • Online Update code cleanup

    In a nutshell :)

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    Released online update 1.2.6

    • Landing page fixes, tweaks and 100% responsive now.
    • Some small fixes
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    Released online update 1.2.7

    • Hotfix for Mylar, Autosub, NZBhydra
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    Released online update 1.3.0 "Bacchus"

    • A load of (regression) fixes, tweaks and cleanup
    • Re-added wetty because it seems people were using it, only accesible from private networks (/wetty, service, auto-updated, monit)
      Uses port 4000 if you want to add it to server monitor

    • Reverted netdata 24 hour data retention to default 1 hour. It was eating too much memory

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    Released online update 1.3.8

    • Landing page cleanup and lot’s of tweaks
    • Force check filesystem every boot
    • Weekly cleanup maintenance task added
    • A lot more monit checks to keep system healthy
    • Logging enhancements (/log)
    • Generate random chat username each boot
    • New: Vnstat to use in HTPC Manager
    • Fixed: Web Wizard update was not always applied
    • Fixed: Update script sometimes hung on interactive prompt
    • Fixed: Headphones “there was an error” saving settings
    • Fixed: Home-Assistant wrong PMS
    • Fixed: Mopidy local music dir
    • Fixed: Miscellaneous
    • Hotfix for plexrequests where both Sonarr and Sickrage are -still- enabled
      When you're experiencing this problem, make sure you have an API key in plexrequests (admin - settings - API key - refresh) before you run:
      sudo bash /opt/openflixr/fixplexrequests. Let me know if this works for you
  • Released online update 1.5.0

    OpenFLIXR is considered stable at this point & landing page is done for now.

    I’ve begun work on better Mopidy support and everything related (this is some unexpected complicated stuff :S) and automatic backups.

    Focus will also be the web wizard and other (requested) features. (besides bugfixes when discovered)

    • New: converted landing page into a Github repo (updates will automatically install)
    • New: LazyLibrarian (/librarian, service, auto-updated, monit, will place books in /mnt/books (so add this mount) and will automatically be picked up by uBooquity!) Uses port 5299 if you want to add it to server monitor.
    • Updated: perfected the landing page and added a “Now showing” feature. This will pull information from your Plex library via PlexPy and IMDB for the latest added 6 movies. The only requirement is you connect your PMS in Plexpy.
    • Fixed: humongous bug where packages wouldn’t be installed and hung update process with updateopenflixr, regression fixes applied
    • Fixed: log spamming extraordinaire
    • Fixed: Monit wouldn’t start in certain conditions
    • Fixed: security hardening
    • Fixed: a lot of misc things (packages being hold back, really really fixed interactive prompts, more autoupdated packages, amongst other things)
    • Improved: time drifting, for this to be more reliable, you have to disable time sync from your hypervisor. Everything else is done from OpenFLIXR. Let me know how this works out for you.
    • Addendum: fixplexrequest works as long as you refresh the API key in Plexrequest but do not submit it

  • Released online update 1.6.0

    • Fixed: Monit stopped working in certain conditions
    • Fixed: Multiple Monit service issues
    • Fixed: Nginx stopped working in certain conditions (huge bug, everything is reverse proxied through nginx so essentially the whole web interface was offline)
    • Fixed: Lazylibrarian autoupdate
    • Fixed: Plexrequest redirect to wizard (well, the dev fixed it, OpenFLIXR is automatically updated)
    • Fixed: Plexrequest update to Ombi
    • Fixed: misc small fixes who are interacting with eachother (Online Update, Landing Page, Web Wizard)
    • Fixed: Unattend updates
    • Fixed: letsencrypt auto-update 
    • Fixed: letsencrypt auto renew
    • Fixed: Plex Media Server auto-update
    • Fixed: /log. Crashed in certain conditions
    • Fixed: Misc small fixes
    • Fixed: OpenFLIXR forum signup (please resend confirmation mail if you didn’t receive it)
    • Added: mhddfs support
    • Changed: Support now directs to Slack (and deinstalled old support)
    • Upgrade: Ubuntu 16.04 to 16.10 automatically next weekly schedule

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      Released online update 1.7.0

      • Fixed: Autoupdate Jacket
      • Fixed: Autoupdate Ombi (Plexrequest)
      • Fixed: Autoupdate Letsencrypt
      • Fixed: Autoupdate Lazy Librarian (I think)
      • Fixed: LandingPage bugs + speed
      • Fixed: Spotweb database upgrade
      • Fixed: Mono related stuff
      • Added: Webmin auto-update
      • Added: sshfs support
      • Added: Multicore Par2
      • Misc: other fixes

      I’m working on OpenFLIXR 2.0, unfortunately you won’t be able to update 1.7 to 2.0, so basically you’ll have to download and configure 2.0 fresh.

      This is because it’s getting tedious to keep OpenFLIXR 1.x backwards compatible, since the first OpenFLIXR release there have been many fixes and features added.

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