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Docker container using resources? Monero miner

edited December 2018 in I'm new to OpenFLIXR
Hi, since the install of openflixr my cpu was always at 100%, think it was normal, but today when i try "htop" just for fun, i see 115% CPU to xmrig, after futher search it was a monero miner...
So after investigation it was a docker container just for it, so i was hack or it was pre installed ine openflixr?


  • I've not heard of anyone else mentioning it. I personally have disabled the docker system as there was no docker containers installed (or, none that I use anyway) and it seemed like a waste of resources.

    Post some screenshots if you're brave enough to start it up again.

  • Just here to let you know there is nothing like that pre installed with OpenFLIXR and everybody can see for themselves when loading it up. Don't know what happened to your installation but the only thing I can think of is you installed it yourself or your system has been compromised.

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