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OpenVPN setup help?

Good evening! First off, thank you for an amazing product! I think you've done amazing work here!

Question about the VPN setup. I used to run Deluge & Sonarr dockers with OpenVPN support, so all traffic for those two dockers (unRaid) were piped through the OpenVPN setup (I'm using PIA).

Is there a way to setup the NZB & Torrent connections to go through a VPN?

Also, in SickRage I started loading my shows, but I got an error message saying there was not NZB/Torrent service configured. Is there something I need to do manually?

Thanks again!


  • I was wondering the same thing. Currently I'm trying out openflixr on virtualbox. Would like to run it on my Dell 2950 with either unRAID or esxi . Currently I use Ubuntu server and transmission with OpenVPN using the guide from here and it works well

  • I'm working on better VPN integration. It's coming, not sure when :)

  • Great news, thank you!

  • I like this too. Not sure how it would work out, but having VPN for torrent only and allowing the rest of openflixr's apps bypass it would be ideal.

  • @mediajunkie What is the status on this ?

  • Right now, I advise you to run one of the many docker images available and intended for this particular use case. It's still on my todo list though :)

  • @mediajunkie I have been doing some reading on the matter. I'm not that familiar with manipulating OpenFlixr and was hoping on a write-up on:

    A-installing an new "external" docker as addon or replacement of an Openflixr module

    B-how to integrate it in the menus, so it all will point to the correct new module

    As an example, how to let ALL existing links to the original qBittorrent to the new docker, so that all menus work in OpenFlixr, including NGINX. I just ask because I assume there is more to it than just install a docker. That would be to good to be true :) :) :).

  • If you stop an existing service and run a docker container in it's place, things should work seamlessly* assuming that the port is the same.

    • HTPC uses relative URLs, so /torrent just goes wherever the nginx reverse location is told to go
    • nginx uses IP and port number combos (generally so if the combo is still valid, it should all continue to work
    • you'll obviously need to update any API keys between apps that use qbittorrent, that can't happen automatically

    Anticipated problems:

    • The weekly update script will usually force the original service to start.
    • Monit will try to start the original service too - and Monit's config gets set back to the defaults during the weekly update check (I think)
    • So you might need to deliberately break the original app so it can't run - just rename the directory that holds it maybe?
    • Monit will therefore try to start something that it can't, so you'll need to be aware of that and deal with it in whatever way is appropriate

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