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First time setup running CADDY reverse proxy

First watching this set up was very impressive! Alot of moving parts to get up and running. Im at the "OpenFLIXR should now be ready for use!!" and I am ready to move on to the setup/configure stage. I'm using to follow along and I'm running it on Proxmox. I can see as part of the setup openflixr configures letsencrypt which I think could be a problem for me. I am running on the same Proxmox install in a separate VM a Caddy reverse proxy which handles all of my certs and I think I could set up a like a subdomain for openflixr through that. I have the relevant port/s forwarded to that Caddy machine.

I'm just wondering what the ramifications of openflixr trying to setup letsencrypt might be and what I should do. I have a rudimentary understanding of networking and reverse proxies. I was watching the output of the script during the install and I saw alot of nginx related stuff. NGINX kind of frightens me lol

Hopefully somebody can steer me clear of some pitfalls b4 I snap shot and take the plunge


  • Well I successfully got this working with cadddy reverse proxy. If anybody wants to know it was pretty straight forward.

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