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First time setup steps

Please make sure that you are following these steps for first time setup, the ones on are not complete and will often cause issues but these should hopefully minimize those issues when trying to get OpenFLIXR to run. -

Please post any changes to these setup steps you find may be needed here and/or on discord, any other issues should be posted as a new thread if one doesn't already exist for the issue you are having.

Note: New issues with the upgrade may have been introduced since 2.9.1 was released and I can really only help and support issues with the script that is used for the setupopenflixr command.


  • These steps have been updated along with the precheck script (formerly wait_loop) and the setupopenflixr script

    Steps changes:

    • Renamed to
    • Changed the order and some text based on feedback and testing changes:

    • Now runs as sudo
    • Added an uptime check on first run of script (found to help prevent some instances of issues occurring)
    • Added DNS check (found to help prevent some instances of issues occurring with special network setups)
    • Added fixes reported to get the base system running (redis, mono, php7.3-fpm)

    setupopenflixr script changes can be found here.

    Thanks to the users who helped with finding the fixes for these and providing enough information for me to script them!

  • The steps for first-time setup have been updated (again) in preparation for updates that have been made to the entire process of getting to a (hopefully) properly upgraded system on first run since prior instructions and process for the first-time setup did not provide a consistent upgrade process.

    Currently in testing, it is expected that the new version of the scripts and first-time install will be made live some time on August 23, 2019 unless any major issues come up. If I don't post back here that they are live, you'll know they have been released when the "VERY VERY IMPORTANT" message disappears from the setup page on the wiki.

    If you want to test the new steps, please join the OpenFLIXR Discord Server and view this message:

  • edited August 2019

    Testing has gone well and I have made the changes live!

    The "FirstRun" process now has it's own repo that will be used and leverages functionality in "setupopenflixr" script. Details on the "FirstRun" process can be found on the wiki -

    If you have any issues, please report them on Discord or in a new thread on here (FYI - I don't check the forums as often as I should, so Discord is preferred)

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