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Need More drive space

So I got Openflixr working on my ESXI box and mapped all my share drives on my NAS. I then added my libraries to Plex and let it sit for days to scan the media drives and download the artwork. I guess all that was too much because the 100GB allocated was 100% full when I went back. I then did some googling on how to extend that drive to 500GB as I have plenty of space. Well I broke it. After a few hours in Grub I started over. Now before I make similar mistakes I am curious if anyone has a set of instructions that will work to extend the original drive from 100GB to whatever I edit the drive size to be. Thank you.


  • So. After attempting to do this using a guide that had me running fdisk commands on the system while it was running I started over. Using a gparted live image I was easily able to increase the disk image size and after a quick reboot everything was peachy.

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