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ombi v3 port issue

Off a new install of the latest version using the webui I was able to connect to internal-ip/request but sonarr and radarr and plex were having issues connecting to it. I tried using the webui to test its connection but it would fail every time with port 3579 and 5000.

I then modified /etc/systemd/system/ombi.service from port 3579 to 5000. With this change sonarr and radarr and plex worked with out issue but using the webui to change the port to 5000 still failed.

I would like to manually change all the ports in openflixr.conf from 3579 to 5000 to the reverse proxy can pick up on the port change.



  • Yes, but you would need to write a script to make all those changes every time the updater runs or disable the updater and make changes to handle that yourself.

    You can also wait for the next release of OpenFLIXR. I don't recall when that will be but I think possibly July?

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