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Workflow Sonarr >> NZBget / qBit

Trying to wrap my head around what seems logical, but think I need some help here. Here are the variables I know about:

  • In my setup NZBget uses \home\openflixr\downloads\complete
  • For TV shows is have \home\openflixr\downloads\complete\tv
  • I have not defined any post processing scripts
  • In Sonarr the location of the show is set (f.ex. \media\tv\show-name)
  • In Sonarr the renaming rules are set.

Now, when Sonarr sends a nzb to NZBget, the download starts and while downloading the data is stored in the "incomplete" folder. Once completed, it is moved to "downloads\complete\tv\". I must assume what happens next is that by default, when the download is finished, NZBget informs Sonarr about where the file is located (downloads\tv) and that it can start with renaming and moving to the final destination. Since there is no config setting in Sonarr about where NZBget stores the downloaded files, it must be that NZBget sends the params to Sonarr... (by the way, all this is working as it should.)

Where it kind of goes wrong is with qBittorrent.

  • In qBit the downloaded files are stored in \home\openflixr\downloads\torrentcomplete\

Sonarr sends the torrent to qBit. The downloaded file is stored in "downloads\torrentcomplete", from there Sonarr renames the file, and moves itto the final destination folder. I have to however delete the files manually in torrentcomplete.

Is my understanding of the workflow correct, and if so, why are things going wrong in the torrent section ?


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