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Where are the htpc manager logs?

Monit reports that HTPC Manager will not start. When I look at the syslog the only information is "Exit Code"

Where would I look to see why HTPC manager will not start?


  • /opt/HTPCManager/userdata/htpcmanager.log

  • Thanks! Logs show that this is an issue with the SSL certificate. Other users with other applications indicate that md5 is no longer accepted due to security risks. Can the cert be deleted and regenerated or can a config file be allowed to use md5?

    2019-03-05 20:59:39 :: cherrypy.error :: ERROR :: [05/Mar/2019:20:59:39] ENGINE Error in 'start' listener <bound method Server.start of <cherrypy._cpserver.Server object at 0x7f492c6a5690>>

    Traceback (most recent call last):

     File "/opt/HTPCManager/libs/cherrypy/process/", line 205, in publish

      output.append(listener(*args, **kwargs))

     File "/opt/HTPCManager/libs/cherrypy/", line 168, in start


     File "/opt/HTPCManager/libs/cherrypy/process/", line 177, in start


     File "/opt/HTPCManager/libs/cherrypy/process/", line 227, in wait

      raise self.interrupt

    Error: [('SSL routines', 'SSL_CTX_use_certificate', 'ca md too weak')]

  • Don't use SSL certificate in Htpc manager, use OpenFLIXR let's encrypt and let the reverse proxy do it's work.

    Unless I understand you wrong, it seems you enabled SSL in HTPC manager :)

  • Yes, that's it, enabled by accident and don't know how to undo...

  • I've seen that question on the HTPC git issues register, the answer was to use MySQL commands to disable the option. The database structure is pretty simple if you know what you're doing.

    Otherwise, and if you haven't made too many changes to the HTPC config, you could just grab the db file out of the original openflixr download and replace the one that's in your VM.

  • edited March 2019

    would that be the database.db file in /opt/HTPCManager/userdata?

  • Without checking mine, yes that sounds right

  • I replaced the file, upgraded to 2.9 and then 2.91 and still get a bad gateway when accessing HTPC as I enabled SSL in HTPC manager.

    Can I uninstall and reinstall HTPC without breaking anything else? What would the commands be

    sudo apt-get remove htpc
    sudo apt-get purge htpc

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