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Setup of file mounts(resolved)

So I've got Openflixr setup on Unraid and I'm trying to set up the files through webmin. All my files are currently on my unraid server, so is there a specific way to link to the files already there or do I have to create a duplicate of all of them inside of Openflixr?

I'm sorry for being such an idiot at this and having to ask basic questions. I figured this out, it was a permission error on Unraid causing the issue.


  • So I'm setting mounted as /Downloads

    NFS Hostname is's the IP for my unraid server on the network). Here is a question, since when I click the icon box next to this it only pulls up the IP for the openflixr box itself but doesn't actually do anything if I click it.

    NFS Directory is /mnt/user/Downloads. I've also tried /mnt/user/Downloads/ as well.

    I keep getting the following error codes:

    Failed to save mount : NFS Error - mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting

    Failed to save mount : Failed to get mount list : clnt_create: RPC: Program not registered

    I double checked, NFS is enabled on Unraid. Security is set to public on the share. Not sure what I'm doing wrong here and it's driving me a bit nuts, to be honest.

  • Hi b4utrust.

    NFS mounting is a little different than SMB mounting and you need to use the whole path instead of just the shared path.

    I have an NFS share on my Synology NAS here: /volume1/Plex/. I have shared the folder "Plex" /volume1/ is just the volume it is on.

    If i was to mount this as SMB i would do \\\plex\{folder to mount}

    But mounting the same path as NFS i would need to do

    I did too get some errors when trying through webmin. I would suggest that you go and edit fstab directly.

    First do

    Sudo apt install nfs-common

    Sudo apt update

    Sudo nano /etc/fstab

    and in the buttom line you add the mounts like so    /mnt/downloads  nfs    defaults    0    0     /mnt/movies    nfs    defaults    0    0      /mnt/series    nfs    defaults    0    0

    Then you press CTRL+X and press Y.

    and finally

    Sudo mount -a to mount all the drives you just added. If you see no errors i sugegest you reboot the server.

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