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[SOLVED] home page won't load after 2.8 update

Not sure where to start, but the Title says it all. How and where can I start for finding potential causes ?


  • Error messages?

    Restart system and PM /var/log/syslog to me.

  • Found the issue: after updating to 2.8 the NGINX reverse file contained a duplicate (comics/admin)(I don't use this feature, so it must come from the update script). Removed the duplicate, and now the main page is loading. thank you for the hint :)

  • Thanks for letting me know! Strange but it’s becoming increasingly important to have a solid modular Nginx config. It’ll go higher on my todo list.

  • May I ask how you solved this problem?

  • @GillyMoreno you'll need to edit the conf file with vi or nano, then restart/reload the config (or start it, if it has prevented it from running)

    Respond here if you need step-by-step, or on discord

  • @jeremywho Thank you, I've already succeeded

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