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[Obsolete] Setup Instructions without Web Wizard

This is now obsolete, as @MattyLightCU has created a script to automate everything. See here:

As the setup wizard is disabled and likely to stay that way for a while, I have put together a document showing how to get OpenFLIXR into a working state without it.

Unfortunately I have no real idea what the Web Wizard actually did so this is more of an attempt to be helpful than a replacement guide.

Commenting is enabled in the document so if there are areas that need improvement please let me know.  You can let me know either in the doc, or in this forum thread.

FYI I've closed the doc to editing/comments as people seem incapable of viewing without mashing the keyboard and deleting text/changing formatting/inserting stuff  :D  :D  :(



  • This is awesome, cheers
  • Added section for network setup, can someone please help populate it?
    Added section for local Pi-hole configuration
  • I added static ip address to network
  • I noticed when i change my password for openflixr with passwd it didn't change it for htpc. probably have to change it in the web interface. 
    Might want to put that in the document
  • edited November 2018
    I'm not sure. Can anyone confirm how & where?  Is it perhaps simply in the settings of HTPC Manager?
  • jeremywho said:
    I'm not sure. Can anyone confirm how & where?  Is it perhaps simply in the settings of HTPC Manager?
    Ok I looked in to it. its not a htpc setting.
    I looked in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/reverse and found out that the credentials are stored in /etc/nginx/.htpasswd

    So how do you change that.
    First make a backup of that file just in case:
    sudo cp /etc/nginx/.htpasswd  /etc/nginx/.htpasswd.bac

    Then to change the password:
    htpasswd -c /etc/nginx/.htpasswd openflixr
  • I register just to say thanks. I haven attempt to get this to work yet but either way I appreciate the initiative and great idea.
    Thanks again and I will give it a shot now. 
  • edited December 2018
    I suggest covering what is mentioned on the OpenFLIXR home page:

    Setup wizard will take care of the following

    • Change your password
    • Configure network
    • Setup Let’s Encrypt
    • Randomize unique keys
    • Setup Newznab and Usenet
    • Configure advanced features

    Granted that last one is quite vague and without a precise list quite difficult.
  • Thanks @MPUop

    I encourage anyone who knows what to do, to add a section into the doc and I'll accept it as a permanent edit.
    • The wizard didn't set up LetsEncrypt (at least, it didn't for me) and now that I understand how LetsEncrypt works I'm not sure that this could ever be automated.
    • Randomizing the keys would be a great idea but I have no idea what the keys are or how to randomize them.
    • Setup of Newznab and Uset means nothing to me as I don't use them
    Any help very much appreciated.
  • Will this guide get me to the point where I can Download something and then read/watch/listen to it?
  • Sort of, yes. Assuming you also know how to integrate each of the apps (ie the qbTorrent address/port into radarr/sonarr).
  • In the Nginx section I noticed the document states "listen 443 ssl https2" but the screen shot and my system states "listen 443 ssl http2" why the discrepancy? and is changing the line to "listen 443 ssl https2" the actual fix?
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