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RESOLVED - NZBHydra After Upgrade to 2.5.1 - No longer able to connect from Sonarr or Radarr?

Still haven't figured out how to make them connect, but the upgrade to 2.5.1 broke the connection to NZBHydra (I saw the note to reconfigure in release notes).  So I reconfigured, but when testing the connection as an indexer, it fails as unable to connect.   The logs just show an HTTP Error and show 404.NotFound.  

UPDATE - looks like I just needed to add "/nzbhydra" to the end of the URL string.  Interesting that it worked with just the port # before the update, but now is requiring me to input "http://localhost:5075/nzbhydra" as the URL.


  • yeah had the same problem, sorry i didn't read this sooner, i could have helped you! 
  • edited February 2019

    Looks like NZBhydra still has an issue in OpenFlixr 2.8. In NGINX reverse I have :

    location /nzbhydra/ {

       proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-For $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for;



    But the URL http://my_ip/nzbhydra results in error 502 Bad Gateway Application Not Running. (Default URL link from the OpenFlixr pull down menu) Not true, as http://my_ip:5075/nzbhydra is working just fine.

    What is missing here ?

  • Yes, this came back for me too. @mediajunkie was looking into it a few days ago, so it's on the radar as an issue.

  • Yes I’m looking into it and part of the solution is a modular Nginx config, other part is nzbhydra config. Working on it 😀

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