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OpenFLIXR 2.0 Web Wizard Update 1.3 (Friday, October 20, 2017)

Released web wizard update 1.1
Web Wizard updates are automatically installed at boot time.
So when you (re)boot OpenFLIXR you will get the latest version.

  • Plexrequest Sickrage/Sonarr fixed where they were both activated resulting in not functioning
    Can’t find another solution than disabling Sonarr in plexrequest where you have to enable it yourself with the correct info.
    When you go for the recommended and default Sickrage, there is nothing changed.

  • Fixed 504 ‘Gateway Timed Out’ at finishing setup, now gives you a nice countdown

  • Fixed rare condition where someone would enter non IP addresses in ‘static’ and switch back to dhcp, resulting in corrupted network settings
  • Some cleanup and visual changes

To be complete, the current known issue list:

•   Jackett and Plexrequest: manually change own API keys
•   Sonarr change NZB API key (SABnzbd / NZBget)
•   Spotweb: manually enter Usenet server
•   Home-Assistant: doesn’t work yet with reverse proxy. Use IP:8123


  • edited July 2016

    Released web wizard update 1.1.1

    Just a small fix where you can't choose your own DNS server from now on.
    See release notes of OpenFLIXR Online Update 1.1.7

  • Released web wizard update 1.2

    • Fixed: network settings were not always applied
    • Fixed: letsencrypt settings were not always applied
    • Password validation improved
    • Updates to stay in sync with online update version
    • Miscellaneous small stuff
  • Web wizard update 1.3 is released mainly to be compatible with OpenFLIXR 2.0 features.
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