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VHD cannot be unzipped on windows

As the title states the [most recent version]( will not unzip in windows. 7zip says that CRC checks failed. 
Not sure what else to do. I can't use virtualbox since I need Hyper-v for docker and other images I run.

Can we get hashes/checksums for these files in the future? It would be nice to verify these things



  • the file unzips fine with winrar, and 7zip for me (windows 10 install). However, users reported this same issue and a torrent is available of the same build. its listed in the forums. here.
  • Found it thanks
  • Thanks for the suggestion its really helpful thread. 
  • edited January 2018
    For future reference the WSL bash in windows unzips the file fine (`unzip`)
  • For the Hyper-V image, before unzipping (which failed on 7-zip and Windows Explorer, but succeeded using WinRAR), the SHA256 I got from the download was

    and after unzipping, the ~11-12GB file was SHA256

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