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OpenFLIXR 2.0 (Friday, October 20, 2017)

OpenFLIXR 2.0 release notes

  • Completely up-to-date packages, fixed sources and cleanup
  • Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTSR, kernel 4.11.0-14 with TCP BBR enabled
  • Preconfigured for all added stuff from the past 18 months
  • Optimised performance, stability and security improvements
  • SABnzbd 2.3 (autoupdated)
  • New: Syncthing (Security issues resolved)
  • New: Grav CMS. (You can switch between OpenFLIXR Landing page and Grav) (default user pass: openflixr / 0penFLIXR , /admin for admin panel)
  • New: Radarr
  • New: Pi-hole with Plex metrics blocked
  • New: Docker with Portainer & Watchtower


  • PHPservermonitor (Replaced by Monit)
  • Wetty (use SSH)
  • NtopNG (not of added value)

There has been a lot going on with this update, everything was re-evaluated and all code reviewed and improved on many levels.
Lot’s of features added (also under the hood) and continued focus on speed, stability and security.

There’s too much to discuss everything but I’ll mention some headlines.
I added Radarr, a great alternative to CouchPotato.

From the get-go all apps are fully functional. It’s easier to maintain and easier for you to switch or even use them at the same time, so from now on SABnzbd/NZBGet, Sickrage/Sonarr, CouchPotato/Radarr, Home-Assistant and Mopidy are all ready to go.
You decide whichever you use, all mixed configurations are supported from now on!

Plex media server is enabled as soon as you boot up OpenFLIXR for the first time. 

All hypervisor images are plug-and-play (no more manual editing of network interfaces) and the long awaited Hyper-V image is here.

Full Docker support with Portainer (Docker management UI) and Watchtower (Automatically update running Docker containers), so share your docker images and configuration on this forum. (Like how to run Organizr or Muximux for those who prefer a different HTPC Manager)

Or how about Grav CMS for those who like a different landing page for their OpenFLIXR.

A fully functional caching DNS server and ad blocker for your local network with the help of Pi-hole, used by OpenFLIXR itself to stop those pesky spies over @ Plex.

After you downloaded 2.0 and powered it on for the first time, let it sit there for a couple of minutes after which you should go to /setup and follow the setup wizard.
When everything is done (~ 15 minutes) and OpenFLIXR has been restarted, go to /admin and change the admin password of Grav. (default user pass: openflixr / 0penFLIXR)

Switch between OpenFLIXR and Grav:

sudo nano /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/reverse

Comment out the following lines by adding # in front of them.

location = / {                  #gravopenflixr
    auth_basic off;             #gravopenflixr
    return 301 /openflixr;      #gravopenflixr
        }                       #gravopenflixr

Because I wanted to push out this version as soon as possible, a few corners have been cut regarding OpenFLIXR Setup Wizard.

Like how Couchpotato and Sickrage are defaulted, switching between Grav and OpenFLIXR Landing Page and changing Grav admin password.

I’m working on it, OpenFLIXR Setup Wizard will have my full attention the next 4 weeks.

Have fun!


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