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Slack invite thread (Old, please use Discord channel)

PM me your e-mail address here so I can invite you to the OpenFLIXR Slack channel! It's invite only, because the free plan doesn't allow guest accounts as far as I'm aware.


  • Why Slack? Why not discord?
  • I vote for Discord! :)
  • Not sure if this is still happening, but I sent a PM with my email address.
  • Slack wasn't happening, there's too much work involved for both parties.
    I'm looking for something decentralised (maybe a master node) which will connect an OpenFLIXR instance to a hub where people can interact which each other.

  • maybe review lets chat?

    It's self hosting. looking for an open source / free to use software.
  • Just a Discord channel? They're using Discord to support Ombi, it's pretty sweet from the point of view of seeing who's online, @'ing people. Not sure if a channel can be closed to public though, I assume so.
  • @mediajunkie Discord seems to be the easiest and most popular platform. I'm on a dozen channels there - everything from big groups to small 5 person groups. Easy to have both public and private channels (invite only, or permission controlled) within the single account.  
  • I took the initiative to make a discord channel.

    Here ->

    I can give the ownership to mediajunkie when hes online.
  • Thanks Rook! Dicord it is, seems to be the best way indeed :D
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