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  • rftiiv15
    any eta on the update? I am struggling to figure out how to install 2.5.1, but if you are gonna update the wizard soon I'm not going to torture myself to learn how to do it and I will just wait for you :)
    October 2018
  • phantom321456

    First time trying out the VM on unraid. It really looks like an awesome one-stop-shop as a media center VM!. However there are two things found that I'm currently fighting with.... 1. Having to use winrar as windows zip and 7zip are throwing errors when trying to unzip. Also if you could throw up a checksum for the downloads that would awesome. 2. From what I have found there is no current Plex Pass support dating back to Feburary. I was previously running through this plex docker which worked out fantastic https://hub.docker.com/r/linuxserver/plex/ where it allowed variables to pull the correct version (Plex Pass or no Plex Pass) and your credentials controlled whether or not a Plex Pass version would activate. I was wondering if there has been any change in your stance on allowing Plex Pass/Beta versions again? 

    July 2018
  • kf6shc
    May 2018
  • kf6shc

    please invite me to the slack channel. 

    thank you 

    May 2018
  • jerryaycock
    Slack Invite Please
    February 2018
  • Matttt85
    Hi! Can you send me a invite for slack? matblack70@hotmail.com
    January 2018
  • johnmac1
    just wanted to let you know that the OpenFLIXR 2.0 – KVM / unRAID download mirror fails. I have tried on multiple computers on multiple different networks but every time it fails due to a server problem ("Failed - Server problem")
    November 2017
    • johnmac1
      It finally installed... stackstorage is just really inconsistent
  • Crytilis
    Hey man, wanted to start out saying thanks for you hard work on OpenFLIXR, it's a great addition to the community. Since I have already uploaded the newly compress 2.0 VHD to my Google Drive and shared for all here, I thought I would offer to do the same for all versions. I have more then enough space on my Google Drive to host them all, over a TB and it would allow greater speeds. Just a thought and offer, let me know your thoughts.
    October 2017
  • moniibag01
    bro please am new here , i need root login
    September 2017
    • SpiX
      root login is openflixr pw openflixr