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EXTREMELY IMPORTANT - Plex Media Server 1.1.0

Warning in advance

Currently Plex Media Server 1.1.0 is released for Plex Pass members where they changed the security model for LAN clients. Almost all third party software interacting with Plex Media Server 1.1.0 ceased to function and of course a lot of OpenFLIXR software also interacts with PMS.

Unfortunately the current official stance of Plex Inc on the issue is:

To all users experiencing issues, please report the exact clients you're having difficulty with so we can investigate your problems.
Keep in mind that outdated versions of clients are not supported by Plex, and third-party client developers are unlikely to support outdated versions of their products.

A lot of people are asking Plex Inc to at least include an option to disable this new unnecessary (according to a lot of people) feature but it doesn't look they will include it.
It also impacts a lot of users with old(er) devices, unsupported devices, etc. where they can't use it anymore. So this will have a huge impact on the Plex community.

It's not something I can solve, let's hope they will come to their senses and keep the current way it works or at the very least include an option to disable this "feature".


  • Official statement #2

    We could have provided a "turn security off even if signed in" button, sure, but some percentage of users would have innocently clicked on that button and screwed themselves. You have to be really careful with those things, and you have to look for the greater good when designing software for the masses.

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    I saw your post in the forum topic. Would turning off plex media server updates in your script be something you would do?

    About the 85% of software that won't work; having dev's fix their 3rd party software going forward. That's alot.

  • Unfortunately it gets progressively worse, official statement #3 on the forums is that local clients have to be logged in with your Plex account on you own LAN, otherwise you won't be able to access your own local Plex media server.

    This will be a true disaster.

    Turning off Plex Media Server updates wouldn't really help. It will reach just a small number of people on time.
    I think the real solution is convincing Plex Inc they shouldn't big brother us and disguise this update as a security fix.
    For a media server! On you own local network. Plex would be the least of my concerns when dealing with security threats on my LAN when dealing with the breaches Plex is saying it wants it to protect us from.

    So be vocal on the forums there and let them know what you think.

  • They released it to the public as-is. They went on to implement it, crazy stuff. They did add a setting to allow a list of authorized networks. This is extremely dangerous to do when enabling remote access to OpenFLIXR, I recommend you do not add anything to this list unless you absolutely positively understand the implications!
    Plex is reverse proxied through OpenFLIXR so when you add for example localhost, well you can guess what happens :)

    I will test myself what would be the best setting, maybe adding the LAN IP of OpenFLIXR is a good solution but I'm not sure yet.
  • I do think that this is a good compromise for the situation. Most of the people that I know that are using Plex are not affected by this. However, I do know of one that is, and since they are a remote user to me, I have not had a chance to see how it works.  All of my local devices are working well and everyone else that is remote is the same.  I made the change to the "secure certificates" a while ago and everyone else that I know (except one extreme power user) did the same.  As long as people are aware of it and have the option to stay on a particular build that fits their needs, there should be no issues.

    At least they will be as (in)secure as they were before with the new option.
  • I think it's the worst 'feature' ever added to Plex. It impacts all OpenFLIXR users, I know a ton of users that can't use their tv's and media players anymore, it's a disaster. That's how I see it.
    Also OpenFLIXR is designed to auto update everything. That includes Plex, so this Saturday all OpenFLIXR users will get the new Plex release installed. Happy happy happy, joy joy joy :smile: 
  • Does this mean that, after saturday, plex will no longer work in OpenFLIXR?
  • No it means some software will probably stop to interact with Plex until the developer changes his code. 

  • Alright, I'll just see what's happening after saturday then.
    And if for instance no notifications can be sent anymore from within couch/sick/sonarr,..., I'll just change the mediaserver settings so it updates it's library on an hourly basis or so.
  • I don't seem to be able to get CP to talk to Plex.  I assume it's due to this issue.  Has anyone found a solution yet?
  • Hey I was wondering. Can this problem be worked around by adding IP address range to the list of networks allowed without auth? Add localhost and your routers IP range. Would the software work with plex again?

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