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Sonarr Remote Path Mappings


Transmission on Raspberry Pi -

Completed folder path: (samba/cifs)

Openflixr: VMWare -


Sonarr sending torrents, they download, but getting a log error in Sonnar : Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr.

Failed attempts:

  1. Mounting Completed folder path in openflixr/mnt/downloads
  2. Set up various remote path mappings - nothing seems to stick
  3. When remote path mapping appears to stick, I get permission errors - Sonarr cannot move, delete, rename files etc.
  4. Mounting openflixr/mnt/downloads in Raspberry Pi - permission errors again.

I haven't tried sharing the completed folder path as a NFS yet.

Why am I using Transmission on the Raspberry Pi? Because VPN is already set up on the device and it works. I don't know how to set up VPN on OpenFlixr. It was enough trouble getting it set up on Rasbian.

Really stuck on this one.

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