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Possible to set up on Qnap device?

Hello all, 
Thanks for this wonderful site, I am new to the community and I see lots of helpful information. I am just getting started with setting up a home media server and came across openflixr. I had been researching the individual programs for a couple months and just when I was ready to begin the process of installing program by program, I came across openflixr.
My goal is to host a media server, preferrably on my nas, that automatically downloads media that I am interested in. I would then like to be able to access the files anytime, from anywhere, on any supported device. I do turn my pc off from time to time which is why I would prefer to host it on my nas, i keep it on 24x7. My current set up includes a Qnap TVS-682 with about 2TB of available space, I have 4 empty bays if more space is needed. The nas is connected to a pc with intel i7-8700 cpu, 8 gb ram, and about 800 GB free. Network connection is 1GB. I also have Nordvpn attached to the nas. I am not an IT guy but I am capable of following instructions and figuring some things out. 
My question is can I install openflixr on my nas? I see questions of how to access the files on the nas but none on hosting the program on the nas. I started by downloading the qnap virtualization station instead of virtual box but not sure what to do next. My main reason for wanting to run everything through the nas is to have 24x7 access and protection through the vpn.

Thanks again for this great site and for any feedback or suggestions!


  • Hi
    It's basically just a Linux (Ubuntu) VM, so if you check out your qnap doco I'm sure it will tell you how to run it.  Depending on what the qnap virtualization platform is, you probably won't even need to convert the files over - simply select the right download from the Openflixr site to match what you need.
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