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Total Noob here!

I’m a complete noob to most of these services in OF. I have been scouring the forums here and I am sure I missed a lot. So I just figured I would start a new thread on my particular “challenges”.

I currently have a small vm farm on some old Dell server running Playon in a few VMs so I can record shows and movies from different services and a Plex media server to host all my media content. Right now everything is running on top of Windows. That is all I have right now.

Here is as far I have gotten:

  • I used the OVA to install my create my instance of OF.
  • I followed the Google Doc created by jerenmywho to get everything “installed”. Great doc so far!

What brought me to OF is the single location upon which to manage so many things that I would LIKE to do. 

Ah heck, I don't even know the right settings for setting up HTPC Manager. When I go to HTPC manager > Settings, I am not sure if I should accept the defaults, what each thing will change, etc... Just trying to set the stage by demonstrating my level of understanding of OpenFLIXR.

I currently use ExpressVPN for other reasons and would like to know if I can use this for my VPN service on OF so that I may take advantage of torrent downloads. So can I use it?

Next, the torrents themselves. Not really sure how to configure any of the tools. I have used some desktop versions of torrent clients, but this is all greek to me. Hopefully no greeks were offended by my cliched phrase. Any recommendations on where to start?

Since I have an existing Plex server, what is the best possible solution for “transferring” all the TBs of media over to this new setup? 

So many more questions, but I think this would at least get me started. 

Thanks - Y


  • OK well a lot to cover. Lets start with some basics, hopefully that'll get you moving forward as it sounds like you've got the basics with how to download stuff etc, and it's a matter of figuring out how to apply that to OF.

    I would keep your running instance of Plex for just now, and reconfigure HTPC to point at that Plex instead of the OF one. No reason other than if I broke Plex in my house, my wife would skin me. She's much less precious about my ability to get new content :) .

    Exactly how you go about the Plex stuff depends a bit on how it's configured at the moment - if your Plex is on a running Windows PC, and the media is all local (ie referenced via D:\ or similar) then that makes it a bit harder for the OF Plex instance to get to the same files, and equally difficult for any of the torrent downloader or nzb downloader to put new content there.   Much easier if your content is currently on a NAS.  Let us know how it's done now and we can suggest some options.

    You'll be able to tell if each module in HTPC Manager is actually working by clicking the title on the pages to open the native web UI for each app.  For example, and assuming I recall correctly, clicking "Movies" in the top bar is for CouchPotato. Once on that HTPC page, clicking the "Movies" title actually opens the CouchPotato native web UI.

    There should be a lot of useful shortcuts in the HTPC "Other" menu - things like Pihole, Webmin etc.
  • I can navigate through the different menu options just fine. No real errors. Sometimes I get a bad gateway error, but when I refresh it disappears. Oh and the Home assistance option goes to a blank page now, because curiosity may have killed the cat on that one. That one is not really important right now anyways. And yes, Movies seems to link to CouchPotato. 

    Also, I followed your google doc and setup a 100GB download folder on a secondary drive. So I have 100GB for primary and 100GB for a secondary in this setup. I can easily expand that if necessary.

    As for Plex, I am not worried about taking Plex offline right now simply because I am in the process cleaning up all the content and the wife is not expecting anything for a few weeks. My Plex runs on Windows currently in a VM on one of my lab servers. I could move it easily move it to one of my Synology NAS boxes. The issue in the past is the transcoding about killed them. I run a lot of other services off of them and they are not very high-end. My setup for Plex runs on a Dell R710 with plenty of cores and memory. I could shift my other VMs on that server to other servers and dedicate it OF if this turns out to be my answer to my media empire building.

    Last night (I did say earlier curiosity killed the cat, right?), I went to the Torrent page (qBittorrent) and put in a magnet link for a file. Not sure why this seems so complicated because the first time I put the link in I saw the file name below, but status was always uploading. I never saw anything in the download column. So a little while later, I checked the torrentcomplete folder inside of the download folder. Nothing. So I deleted the torrent, re-added the link, changed the null value in the next field to something and then hit add. This time I noticed several Mbs/s in the download column. A few hours later I checked the torrectcomplete folder again and viola, there it was.

    Do I have to change that null value every time or was that just a fluke? Also, need to setup VPN before I try that again. Comcast is notorious hence the reason I haven't used torrent downloaders for awhile. I almost have my home lab setup to establish a consistent VPN setup in front of my VM farm and was going to finish setting that up after Christmas. But I ran into OF and it "seems" to be the answer to all my prayers in one tight little package.

    Thanks for the help here by the way.
  • The null value is theoretically from the qbt settings via API, so you might find that htpc isn't correctly connecting to qbt. Check in the htpc settings but I've learned to not trust the settings "test" buttons, so check actual functionality ????

    I can't help with vpn, I don't use one. Others do, so if no one offers help here then jump on the discord channel and ask there. I've heard chatter about a docker container with both a downloader and a VPN in one, that sounds the best way to go to me but then again I don't know anything about containers either lol

    If your media is in NAS shares, then hooking up to those is easy (use NFS, not CIFS/SMB, if at all possible). Just mount as /mnt/movies and /mnt/tv_series etc. I'm not sure I'd bother bringing the Plex database over, unless you have heaps of media to reindex or a lot of manually matched stuff. I have about 1000 movies and it took around a half hour to get all the metadata fresh.
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