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The real question: How do we actually download our TV shows?

All services are finally reporting running on System logs page. Its my first time using the infamous plex stack. How do we actually download episodes? I'd like to download season 8 of suits.


  • In general:
    TV stuff = Sonarr.
    Assuming you are intending to download torrents not nzb, you'l want to use rTorrent or qBitTorrent or Deluge. Set that up, and get Sonarr talking to it.
    Then use Sonarr to add a series, maybe unmonitored to start, and then manually search.  Once you have stuff working, automate the searching bit.
    Once you know what you're doing, set up Ombi to talk to Sonarr.
  • Are any of them installed already? Are any of them accessible through HTPC? or just CLI?
  • Everything mentioned there is installed and running right out of the box, and all of them are accessible from the HTPC web GUI.

    This post is almost a week old, let us know if you're still having troubles.
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