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Video converter - VPN/remote acess - Android app!

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Hello, i just found OpenFLIXR and i find it very cool, but i am wondering 3 things:

1.- ¿is there a built in video converter to mp4?

if not it should have this:

if yes where is the information about it? tried a search without any results, my plex server is on a VPS server that has virtual power of barely a 2nd generation intel i3 and i rely on using direct play by playing my videos using OpenPHT, which kind of sucks, i am finding out a lot of trouble playing video and not being synced, the video is delayed and the lip talk dont match the audio, i went ahead and hosted my plex server on a VPS because it was too much drama with the VPN here at home, i used to use the converter ( Brian's Conv2mp4 ) on a 7th gen i7 and it took very little time to convert the videos and once the vids were converted it was such smooth play with no drama what so ever because they are converted to MP4 with H264 video and AAC audio which means guaranteed Directplay everytime from any player, but now i can't use this converter on my CPU-weak VPS, this would come handy if it took care of all the neeeds, to me a big need is not having to rely on live transcode or have to convert videos manually like if we were in 2004, basically what i am saying is that if this converter(or similar) is build in and VPN is also included i feel i am hitting jackpot with openflixr because then i can turn on again my plex server at home and buy a massive HD to put my collection of movies there, right now with the VPS i only have 500gb and it is enough to watch day to day, now having build in VPN makes me wonder the next question..

Note: for the curious, right now it take 12 hours to convert a 1080p movie in my VPS lol
Extra info: call me crazy but i went ahead and bought one of these setups they have an option that is a one time payment ( which means you own it for life ) and it has unlimited bandwidth which i think is pretty cool, they allow torrenting and they know there are a lot of plex users hosting their media server in there, hard drive space is very expensive because it is SSD, keep that in mind, months ago they were running a promo to get 500gb if you were one of the first 100 buyers that got their production servers (VPS in real world language).

2.-¿When we get built in VPN will that make our plex server unable to have remote access?

When i had the plex server at home it was a pain in the butt to configure the VPN to hide my torrent downloading and at the same time having the luxury of remote access so that i can watch my media while i am traveling

3.-¿Are there plans to release an android app to manage the htpc?

that would make this 10000x cooler, i know this is a one man job, but if we had that and we can open a donation fund to get some devs to make it for us

too many things are going thru my head and i am so excited about it all <span>:smile:</span>

if there is one guy reading this that absolutely loves plex transcoding or use openpht to play movies please speak up and tell me what you love about it <span>:neutral:</span>


  • hi musgos

    There's no specific "baked in" VPN support right now, and there may never be.  The number of different environments that get set up make a VPN a very difficult piece of software to include here.

    To some degree, the same is true for the converter software.  Plex includes video converter software (check out the Optimize feature) and many of the download tools are set up in such a way that you can be very specific about the quality that you download.

    Remote access with VPN is possible, with the right VPN product. If you are willing to pay for a VPS, you would likely be willing to pay for a quality VPN product that does allow reverse proxy or port forwarding.

    In the same way that Plex would be disrupted, a VPN would interfere with any mobile app.

    OpenFlixr is an open platform - you can add any package you like to it.  You simply install, following any instructions from the package developers.  So by all means you can install something like Conv2mp4 package if you find one for Linux - or simply use the powershell scripts from another box to read and write storage that is also visible to OpenFlixr.

    So you can see there is also possibility for you to install your own VPN solution, and then work with the guys here or the vendor's support team to get all systems working the way you want to.

    The mobile app is an interesting question - a lot of effort has gone into making HTPC "mobile friendly" and there is a secure reverse proxy baked in - so no need for mobile app just open a web page.

    Hope that helps,
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    i am thinking more of helping mediajunkie to improve it, by looking at all angles of this bundle..

    we need an auto video converter, so far conv2mp4 has acheived that, gets you DirectPlay every time with any video with any plex player, seriously..

    i am very aware of the plex optimization options, which all of them plain suck, you optimize a file that is suposed to be perfect to be DirectPlayed on any player, and it turns out that it will start trancoding, in my opinion transcoding sucks, the quality of live transcoding sucks too, well getting conv2mp4 to work is not too difficult for us that have basic experience, with the help of some folder monitoring software that will auto transfer a file depending on extension or specific filename, but it is all a little too techy for some newbie guys that want an all in one that "works" out of the box, i am also looking to help other movie enthusiasts to get this direct play squared away..

    i picture a dude in india with a 2011 dual core machine trying to do live transcoding on a 1080p video, instead of that frustrating scenario, this dude can just wait until the conversion is done to play the video with a peace of mind.

     how can i tag user mediajunkie (i belive is the admin) in this post?
  • Just use the '@' symbol and start typing the name to tag someone.
    Mediajunkie and I are both admins here, so I feel confident in telling you that you are welcome to add such software to your own install of OpenFlixr.

    There are many scripts and tools for video conversion, most based around ffmpeg, and you are welcome to integrate them into post-processing scripts that are called after downloads complete via the various download engines.
    You could also set tighter quality settings for your downloads, avoiding conversion completely.
    I guess what I am saying is that from my point of view, you are asking us to integrate a script/tool for a problem that has already been solved in a number of ways.

    Regarding a mobile app, that is very unrealistic and does not follow the intention of the project.  Some of the packages installed have their own apps (uTorrent and Ombi for example) and those are things you are welcome to use - but every app here already has a light-weight, responsive, mobile-optimised web interface.

    Can I ask - have you actually downloaded and set up OpenFlixr?
  • if there are so many tools for video conversion why haven't they been integrated, just like like there are many tools for subtitles for example it was integrated..

    setting 'tighter' quality settings for the downloads might make you download.. lets say the least popular mp4 version of X movie, which might present a problem because if there are good and better subtitles for a version of the movie, lets say the SPARKS team upload has more subtitles in different languages than a much less popular BAMBOOZLED version

    why isn't file conversion as important as other features that openflixr has?

    i just send an e-mail to my VPS provider to see if i can install it on there, waiting ATM for a reply.
  • That feature is already built in via Plex, it's been a feature of Plex for a long time.  The benefit of using Plex Optimize is that you can access and control it via web browser, from anywhere on the planet including on our living room couches - which is one of the aims of the project.

    As I say, if you have a specific need you can still install things yourself - for instance, I have added uTorrent as I prefer it over rTorrent and qBT.  At the heart, it is a standard Ubuntu server that you can make do whatever you need.
  • plex now has free SSL encryption. therefore it's not so dangerous to stream out of your network without a VPN, as it was with only http traffic.

    when it comes to VPN, you can set up a VPN connection for downloading, then add another network card to your server, and use that NIC for outbound streaming connections. Works really well.

    or just use Usenet, and then you don't really need to use VPN if your ISP is not a duchebag.
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    I'm all for a iOS and/or Android companion app! That would be awesome and something I have thought of in the past but I lack both time and know how.

    I would fully endorse such initiatives and help wherever I could.

  • The plex problem is actually much easier to solve than you might think. I have a PF sense firewall that acts as my VPN client. Anything behind it is routed through the VPN. If the VPN disconnects so does all my traffic. But on my Plex server I have dual NICs. One of those NICs is on the other side of the firewall but I did not provide a default gateway. Plex still advertises on that NIC, but there is no gateway for normal internet traffic such as downloading to utilize.

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