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Censorship Plex Forums and Privacy issues

Since we can't openly discuss Plex Inc. data harvesting and profiling issues anymore on their own forums (posts get deleted by staff), I thought we discuss it further here.

I'm working hard to get OpenFLIXR 2.0 out faster than originally planned to better protect Plex users privacy.
Starting with 2.0, pi-hole is integrated (DNS caching and blackhole for adds) and will also be used to block any metrics send out from OpenFLIXR like Plex Media Server. When OpenFLIXR 2.0 will be used as your own DNS server at home, it will block all connections to analytics from FaceBook and Google as well, as a host of other sites that invade our privacy.

If any of you have any other good suggestions to protect our privacy when playing back our own media, please share. I know VPN is a long standing issue, OpenFLIXR 2.0 will offer an VPN server (with web gui) to create accounts so users of your OpenFLIXR (like Plex Media Server) can directly connect instead of using Plex Inc servers.

First thing anybody should do is at least opt out of playback data (you read that correctly, Plex Inc. is harvesting your playback data and is sent to them, they know exactly what you watch, when, how often, etc.)


  • Nice one on fixing pi-hole.
    Like i recently posted i switched to Emby (not to promote or anything), but your approach is really nice and very welcome! I wanted to install pi-hole anyway, but will wait for release 2.0 and use that as my primary DNS server.

    It's like the fishing net is closing in on your online privacy. Kinda scary if you ask me.
  • I appreciate finding out about this privacy option!  Being informed is always critical!

    on a side note, related, well sort of.  If you aren't informed websites and advertisers have a new weapon in there attempts to track their users.  So much more accurate that the old image/cookie methods and is being quickly adopted because it is accurate (some sources claim able to id an exact computer regardless of browser at > 95-98%) and difficult (impossible imo?) to avoid if you truly want to use most of these sites).  It is called fingerprinting and basic descriptions can be found at  or

  • i have just recently found out about plex privacy issues being what they are. my question is:

    does pihole have to be enabled or something, or is it enabled out-of-the-box and works after the initial setup of openflixr 2.0 ?
  • It's enabled out of the box - which is why the DNS settings are greyed out in the initial openflixr setup.
    There should be a pihole entry in the HTPC 'other' links for you to have a poke around with and see how much is being blocked.

    I'm not 100% sure how you'd test it though.
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