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Landing page enhancements - ideas?

I'm looking for ideas how to improve the landing page.
Now I have a check if the server is online and the latest added movies, but are there other features you can think of?


  • One of the things I look at the most on my servers is of course network traffic. Having something right on the landing page detailing what process is open and using how much traffic would be incredible!
  • isn't network traffic covered with an existing status at the bottom of the landing page?

    Would the ambitious idea of adding a type of weekly TV calendar be of interest?

    I had one setup through google calendar; and read about a few php versions that hash / hide the api key that don't need google calendar. 
  • VPN Status would be nice once that's nailed down but once that's done probably won't be an issue with monit setup to monitor that also.
  • It may be just my install but my check mark is a bright purple. I liked the green that it was
  • @m0dd3r43v3r ;

    The check mark for me is green on 1.5.0, it's pink until it can see a connection to plex media server (i think) as well as some of the status indicators at the bottom of the /openflixr page. they update color when connections are detected. if your check mark is pink you might have some delay with openflixr detecting connections?
  • Check mark is green. It's only purple when querying server status. 
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